Elderly Vermont socialist and champion of the Green New Deal is under fire over his “diva” travel demands reported in a new book titled, “Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump” by Politico’s Edward-Isaac Dovere:

First up is private jet travel, which Bernie is apparently quite fond of. Via Fox News:

“Charter flights were a revelation to him. He would always be a little embarrassed pulling into the private terminals, but boy, did he get a kick out of not worrying about being late for a flight that couldn’t take off without him,” Dovere wrote regarding Sanders.

“By the beginning of 2017, his staff had put together a document laying out his minimum requirements for the kind of aircraft he’d require if asked to go on trips beyond his regular route back and forth between Vermont and Washington. Couldn’t be too cramped. Couldn’t get too bumpy.”

YOU have to fly commercial and worry about your carbon footprint? Bernie? Well, HE travels like his nemesis Jeff Bezos:

Bernie also demanded 60-degree hotel rooms:

Now, this does sound pretty good to us:

But, if you recall, one aspect of fighting climate change is that we just can’t keep our homes at “72 degrees at all times.” From then-President Obama in 2008:

They just have a different set of rules from the rest of us.