Here’s the latest on the ongoing audit of votes in Maricopa County, Arizona. . .

Dem Sec. of State Katie Hobbs is now threatening to “de-certify” $6.5 million of voting machines used by the county because the equipment was handed over to auditors:

Is this retribution? How does the audit permanently render the machines uncertifiable?

There is an indemnification agreement in place signed by GOP Senate President Karen Fann for matters just such as this:

So, if these machines *really* are no longer usable — and that’s a big if — state taxpayers will be on the hook for the new machines:

In other news, Maricopa County sent a litigation hold demand letter to the state Senate over the ongoing disagreement on whether a county election database was deleted or not:

We told you about this earlier in the week:

This letter certainly suggests that a lawsuit could be on the way:

Full letter here:

The letter specifically references this tweet  — that is still up — accusing the county of “spoliation of evidence”:

The state Senate maintains that the database was, indeed, deleted and that earlier statements were taken out of context:

But the county stands by its assertion that the auditors just didn’t understand how to access the data properly and there was never any deleted database:

So, if there is a lawsuit, this claim will be central to it:

The audit is set to resume on Monday, May 24.