Here’s the latest on the ongoing audit of votes in Maricopa County, Arizona. . .

Auditors hired by the State Senate admitted yesterday during a live-streamed hearing that the Maricopa County election database had NOT been deleted as they had earlier claimed and that it was, in fact, a case user error:

This means the auditors and the county now agree on what actually happened, which is important:

As we told you last week, this conspiracy theory even made its way all the way to the desk of former President Trump which prompted this GOP election official to call Trump “unhinged”:

The auditors really should have corrected the record earlier, however:

And the tweet that the auditors now admit is incorrect and accused the county of “spoilation of evidence!” is still up:

Journos are pointing out that the database was never gone, too:

But journos are also criticizing the county for answering questions live on Twitter but refusing to participate in person at the hearing:

County officials also gave statements to journos “on background” which, if they had been made publicly could have cleared up a lot of confusion earlier:

The audit will continue on May 24:


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