In honor of tax day on Monday, Twitchy favorite Mary Katharine Ham shared this absolutely outrageous story about how she once made an appointment for in-person help from the IRS only to have the IRS employee connect her with phone support once she was there face-to-face.

MKH writes, “I once made an in-person assistance appt, which IRS discourages, but I waited 2 mos to get appt, went to a dreary, near-empty gov’t office, was called by number to a stall. A person walked in, picked up the phone, called tax assistance number for me, & handed me the receiver”:

This is hilarious . . . and awful:

And totally expected of our government:

Others report the same experience:

It’s like watching a pile of our tax dollars burn in a bonfire:

It’s entertaining, but that’s about all it is: