Okay, this is pretty great . . . if true.

Meet Twitter user @BuckArmy, a popular YouTuber who tagged the Twitter account for the Arizona Diamondbacks and asked if they’d be so kind as to spy on his roommate who was on a date at the game on Saturday night:

At first, the account blew him off and sent him to the TV crew for help:

But then, everyone got invested in seeing just where this could go:

They had some trouble locating the guy, but. . .

. . .eventually they were able to track him down:


The couple then realized what was going on:

They did make it onto the jumbotron:

And although the Diamondbacks lost, “love was the real winner”:

And, yes, there will be a third date:

“Mission accomplished”:

And for those asking, they’re claiming it was not staged and that the guy in the “Camera Shy” hat was being sarcastic: