And now libs are coming after our pets to save the planet?

Apparently so:

And Vox’s subhead:

From the meat-based meals to kitty litter to plastic poop bags, pet care is unarguably bad for the environment. What can we do about it?

Well, for starters, they can leave us alone about it?

Mind you, they’re telling you how to reduce the footprint of your dog or cat with things like using sawdust instead of kitty litter and — we’re serious here — turning your dog into a vegetarian and they don’t even touch on what other animal to switch to:

If every American did exactly what Vox said in this article, would it even make a measurable difference?

And why should we change a single thing when the people who fly around in private jets are the ones lecturing us about things like this?

Even libs aren’t on board: