Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was on hand to open the Delray Beach Market on Saturday, a 150,000 square-foot food hall filled with delicious things to eat and drink and a signal to America that Florida is returning to normal:

But to Florida DNC member Thomas Kennedy, the way DeSantis ate his pizza is “extremely disturbing”:

Wait. Eating pizza correctly is now disturbing to Dems?

DeSantis 2024: Competence in all the things!

Coming soon, a book by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on how to eat pizza — probably:

Heh — probably:

Just like this guy:

This is good advice for any DeSantis hater:

DeSantis also — gasp! — drank beer at the new food hall:

And it looks like he enjoyed some chicken, too:

Or did he do these two things wrong, too?


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