Chuck Schumer took a moment on Sunday to troll Fox News and Republicans with this dopey staged photo of him watching the Oscars with a “plant-based beer” in what looks like a chair dragged out of his kitchen and way too close to the set:

In regard to the “plant-based beer” line, it’s likely in response to this graphic that’s going viral from Fox News that says to meet President Biden’s climate requirements to reduce emissions, Americans will have to “cut 90% of red meat from diet”:

What’s going on here is that Fox News summarized a Daily Mail article which wrote up a study from the University of Michigan that said that a reduction in meat consumption is one way to reduce climate emissions

Anyway, people have thoughts on Schumer’s photo:

“Gonna kill your eyes,” senator:

And if he does really sit this close to the TV, maybe it’s time to retire? Just a thought:

Not only that but this “regular American” is in suit pants and a dress shirt:

Texas, get on this:

Biden probably outlaws ice, too:

And, finally, this is the “most entertaining this about the Oscars” we’ve seen so far, which spells really bad news for ABC:

Bombs away.


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