CNN medical analyst Dr. Céline Gounder basically told FiveThrityEight’s stats expert Nate Silver to stay in his lane and that he’s not qualified to comment on the FDA and CDC’s decision to pause the J&J vaccine after 6 women out of almost 7 million people vaccinated developed serious blood clots:

She’s arguing that people don’t trust the health system and government and that the FDA and CDC’s decision to pause the vaccine will actually increase trustworthiness:


But, for starters, this is exactly Silver’s lane:

Silver did respond to the attack and pointed out that his study of public opinion makes him more than qualified to question what the FDA and CDC did:

She then asked how Silver would “rebuild that trust” in the health system or the government:

And she told Silver to do his HW:

Um, okay? Since we have a real-world experience in Europe over the pause in the AZ vaccine, does that count?


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