Dr. Anthony Fauci hit the airwaves this morning and claimed that he thinks the FDA-CDC decision to pause the J&J vaccine after 6 women out of almost 7 million vaccinated developed dangerous blood clots will “actually bolster vaccine confidence”:

Watch for yourself:

You know, maybe Dr. Fauci needs to get out his COVID-19 lockdown a little more because this is just not how normal people are reacting to the news:

For years people who have concerns over vaccines have been lumped in with conspiracy theorists and the like, and the FDA and CDC just made it a whole lot harder to persuade those folks to get the jab:

Fauci also responded to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson who questioned on his show last night if the vaccines actually work. Via The Daily Beast:

Carlson continued: “If the vaccine is effective, there’s no reason for people who’ve received a vaccine to wear masks or avoid physical contact. So maybe it doesn’t work and they’re simply not telling you that. Well, you’d hate to think that especially if you’ve gotten two shots but what’s the other potential explanation? We can’t think of one.”

Fauci called it “a typical crazy conspiracy theory”:

Here’s a fuller clip to put what Carlson was saying in perspective. He was talking about Fauci’s overall messaging and it would be really nice to hear why, if the vaccines work as well as Fauci says they do that we still can’t eat indoors, travel, etc.:

Because CNN can try to blame Carlson all they want, it’s Fauci and the FDA-CDC that just nuked vaccine credibility:


Also, note that Fauci never addressed Carlson’s main point on why we can’t start doing things again even if vaccinated:

As for when the J&J vaccine will be back, Fauci was non-commital but hoped the pause would be “days to weeks”:

And he told people who already got the J&J shot not to worry:

Again with the mixed message. It’s too dangerous to continue to use but nobody should worry about it because the complications are incredibly rare. Heckuva job, everyone.




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