Green New Deal? More like Genocidial New Deal. . .

Those solar panels you’re buying from China are made using coal and possibly slave labor in Xinjiang, China, via Bloomberg:

From the article:

Factories in Xinjiang produce nearly half the world’s polysilicon, a key component in the solar panels that are in demand as governments, companies and households go green (incidentally, as this video shows, polysilicon in Xinjiang uses a load of coal power, so you have to go dirty it seems to go clean).

Almost no one knows what goes on in those factories, though as this exclusive investigation reveals, documents show links to Uyghur labor.

It’s really weird how these “green” energy technologies keep getting linked to horrific labor practices, like how an electric car is actually possible thanks to children mining cobalt for the battery in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

Tell us again why we shouldn’t be using more oil and natural gas to SAVE THE PLANET and because it’s the humanitarian thing to do?


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