One important issue that many in the national media are ignoring, as pointed out here by Sen. Tim Scott, is that MLB moved the All-Star game from Atlanta whose population is 51% Black to Denver which is 9.2% Black all in the name of protecting Black voters who are allegedly harmed by Georgia’s new voting law which just happens to be similar to Colorado’s existing voting law:

And right on cue, MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin ignored race entirely to respond to Sen. Scott about Colorado and vote-by-mail (note: Colorado does not send “every resident a ballot” but does send one to registered voters):

Sure, Colorado mails a ballot to every voter. But, overall, the laws are quite similar. If you want to vote-by-mail in Georgia you can! From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

No-excuse absentee voting: Voters can cast absentee ballots without offering an excuse in two-thirds of states, including Georgia. An excuse is required in one-third of states. Georgia lawmakers considered eliminating no-excuse absentee voting this year but ultimately did not.

And it’s not misleading to point out who is really being harmed economically by moving the game from Atlanta to Denver:

Sen. Scott is correct: “The wokes are at it again, folks.”