One thing that the murder of Mohammad Anwar during a carjacking by two teens has done is shine a bright light on D.C.’s crime surge in the past year.

It’s bad, to say the least:

Authorities have said “delivery and ride-hail drivers have been particularly vulnerable”:

With that said, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called “auto theft a crime of opportunity” and shared these five tips that do nothing to help “delivery and ride-hail drivers” while, at the same time, blaming the victim for what’s happening.

The five tips are: 1. Park in a safe spot, 2. Lock your car, 3. Keep track of your keys, 4. Never leave your engine running and 5. Stay alert:

What an awful, awful tweet:

Her tweet is so bad that it’s bringing together people from both sides of the political spectrum.

“This level of victim blaming is beyond disgusting”:

It really is quite an accomplishment when we’re doing a post on a tweet and quoting from Mollie Hemingway. . .

. . .and Jill Filipvoic at the same time:

This is EXACTLY what she’s saying: