A reporter finally asked President Joe Biden if he thought Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign amidst a growing sexual-harassment scandal, not to mention the nursing home scandal, but he deferred to the investigation, saying “we should see what it brings us”:

Sorry, Joe. That’s not how YOUR Title IX regulations work, for example. Why is this different?

And before this dodge, the NYT’s Maggie Haberman noted “how little questioning there’s been of the White House about [Cuomo] compared to, say, Obama/Paterson”:

Well, TBH, the White House press corps has other major issues to ask about, Like, where is the cat the Bidens promised?

Other journos are noticing that our elderly president hasn’t yet given a news conference which means he trails his predecessors by a lot:

But this is earning scorn from libs like Kieth Olbermann who told the NYT’s Peter Baker to “STFU” about it:

Yeah, it’s going to be a problem for Biden. Especially if he face-plants when he eventually gives a presser: