Dr. Anthony Fauci was on three of the morning shows on Sunday and each appearance provided something different for us to disagree with him on.

First up, on “Meet the Press,” Fauci warned of “inevitable” future pandemics caused by “climate change”:

And as you think about how AOC is going to spin that into her dreams of a Green New Deal, have a watch at what he said next. Apparently, it’s still not safe enough to get married:

Now, over to Fox News, where Dr. Fauci called out former President Trump and asked him to take a more active role in getting people vaccinated:

He wants Trump to specifically say, “go out and get vaccinated”:

And then on CNN, he warned that public health measures will continue until “the level of infection is very low”:

He also hinted at the CDC changing social distancing in schools to 3-feet, which 1. should’ve been done months ago to follow Europe’s recommendations and 2. should’ve been done BEFORE SCHOOLS SPENT ALL THIS MONEY ON THE 6-FOOT MANDATE:


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