The Cuomo family is never happy when someone compares their family to the fictional crime family in the hit film “The Godfather” with younger brother Chris going as far as saying calling him “Fredo” — the dimwitted of the three brothers — is the same as using the n-word.

OK. But is there another fictional family we can compare the Cuomos to for this story where Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s long-time adviser and current vaccine czar, Larry Schwartz, appears to be linking vaccine distribution on Long Island with support of the governor?

Cuomo-accuser Lindsey Boyal has been waring about Larry Schwartz’s role for months now:

Back to the current scandal. Ethics oath? We don’t need no stinkin’ ethics oath:

The Long Island politicians are too afraid of Cuomo’s power to speak publicly:

Schwartz says he did nothing wrong:

But, “to be clear, this is standard in NY Politics”:

The New Republics’s Alex Pareene calls Schwartz, the “guy who’s not qualified for anything that Cuomo sticks in important places to yell at people on his behalf”:

Like in the video where he’s yelling at an MTA meeting:

Well, we expect Joon Kim will likely get involved now, too: