A court authorized the City of Burbank to cut off the electricity to Tin Horn Flats Saloon and Grill, a restaurant we told you about before, after they remained open after defying an earlier temporary restraining order to shut down over alleged violations of the county’s Covid-19 health order:

The court, however, won’t allow the city to padlock the door. At least not yet.

From the City of Burbank:

This morning due to Barfly Inc., Tin Horn Flats, continuing to remain open in defiance of the Temporary Restraining Order issued on March 8, 2021, the Los Angeles Superior Court authorized the City of Burbank to disconnect the electricity to Tin Horn Flats’ property after giving 24-hours’ notice.  The court did not provide permission to padlock the doors at this time but continues to reserve such a remedy as a last resort.

An update from their Facebook pages says they’re still open for business. Hell yes:

The restaurant had its permit yanked back in January for refusing to close:

Florida vs. California in one story:

Keep in mind, restaurants are now allowed to open in the county with certain restrictions:

Nick Searcy, who has been championing this cause, says they never violated the indoor dining ban:

And he shared a link to a GoFundMe to help with legal funds: