Arthur Schwartz, referred to in the media as an ally and informal advisor to Donald Trump Jr., posted these screenshots of flyers that are allegedly “being mailed to and plastered all over the neighborhoods where the pedophile predator enablers at Lincoln Project live”:

His tweet led to this back-and-forth with the Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens who accused Schwartz of possibly being involved with the mailings:

Schwartz said he “got them from a reporter”:

Stevens, FWIW, doesn’t buy it:

The Lincoln Project released a statement saying, “they want to silence the movement, scare our followers and intimidate those who’ve contributed” and “we will not stop”:

Reed Galen, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, accused Trump Jr. of being behind the mailings:

“But when coming after us, pack a lunch. It will be a long day”:

Anyway, Rick Wilson promises more “very soon”:

We. Shall. See.