Libs aren’t just mad at Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for voting down the amendment to include a $15 minimum wage in the Covid-19 relief bill. They’re also mad at her for . . . this reasonably priced Lululemon bag?

Sadly, she’s not the only blue-check calling out the Arizona Dem:


She’s “doing the Lord’s work,” even:

A “#MarieAntoinette” moment? Really?

Apparently, the bag is marketed to take the wearer from “yoga to cocktails”:

NOTE: This defender of progressive values also has a comparably-priced bag, but it’s OK for her:

You know, we’re not the ones fixated on her clothing:

And in case her politics weren’t clear:

And since when is this bag a “badge of privilege”?

“Good grief, find a hobby”:

And it’s not even an expensive bag:

Who wants to tell him?


Better luck next fake outrage!

* * *


Bess Kalb has us blocked now, but she doubled (quadrupled?) down on her fight for the working person: