Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm sat down with the ladies of “The View” on Wednesday to tout her electric car that, according to her, runs on sunshine:

Sunshine, coal, oil, nuclear, natural gas AND subsidies she means:

And many are pointing out to her that owning an electric car is quite the luxury good:

It’s at least twice the cost of a comparably-sized gasoline-powered vehicle, which makes the $600 savings per year — if that is even accurate — totally meaningless:

Even people who want an electric car are calling her out:

It also shows a stunning lack of understanding of how people in big cities live:

The full-electric model just doesn’t work:

For some reason, “The View” hosts didn’t get into these details:

The fact is we’re just not there yet, if ever:

She’s totally out of touch:

And, finally, remember the scene in “Back to School” where Rodney Dangerfield’s character, Thorton Melon, lectures the business professor on what it REALLY takes to open a factory? This is what we need, but for electric cars:

Watch here:


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