Welcome to China! Now, bend over. . .

And scratch China off the vacation list:

Just follow the helpful instructions!

And if you can’t figure out how to put a swab in your own butt, there are people on hand to help:

“Gently rotated for 10 seconds”:

Some experts say submitting a fecal sample upon arrival is somehow a better solution:

Although it’s not quite clear how widespread the testing is at this point. From Reuters:

Travellers flying into Shanghai must undertake a full battery of tests including anal swabs, if more than five people on their airplane test positive for the virus, state media reported, citing one of the local CDC staff.

Travellers from regions where the virus is rampant or those who test positive on arrival also need to undergo such tests, according to the staffer.

While anal swabs are not compulsory for all international arrivals in China, one staffer of Beijing’s Daxing district epidemic control department told state-backed Global Times that international visitors to Beijing were subject to such testing.



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