Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just wrapped up his annual State of the State address and there were many elements of it that will resonate well among conservatives.

For starters, Florida is open for business:

Now, this *is* the message we need right now: “Friends, legislators, Floridians, lend me your ears: We will not let anybody close your schools, we will not let anybody take your jobs, and we will not let anybody close your businesses!”:

And he’s 100% correct here:

He also defended his vaccination schedule:

DeSantis returned to the open-for-business theme:

And he said the state is in great fiscal shape having “not touched one red cent from our rainy day fun”Z:

He also called for higher teacher pay:

And to spend more to protect the environment:

Keep your eye on this plan as “resilient coastlines” is just a different way to say, “prepare for global warming”:

DeSantis then took a shot at the “defund the police” crowd:

And he went after Big Tech:

And he touched on election integrity:

You know, this just might sell in 2024:


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