Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot multiple times and two of her three french bulldogs stolen by an assailant last night in West Hollywood, Calif:

From the BBC:

The victim was transported to hospital in an unknown condition, Los Angeles Police confirmed to the BBC.

Lady Gaga has offered a reward for the return of her dogs, Koji and Gustav.

Hold up. She’s offering a reward just for the dogs and not for information on the person WHO SHOT HER DOG WALKER? Apparently so:

Does she really think she can get away with “no questions asked” here?

This guy took four bullets for the dogs and she doesn’t care about finding the guy who did it?

A third dog, Asia, ran away during the attempted murder of the dog walker and was recovered by the LAPD:

And in San Francisco, a woman was held up at gunpoint and her 5-month old puppy was stolen:

Welcome to California?


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