Look: It’s no secret that the Resistance has a vested interest in Donald Trump winning the GOP presidential nomination. Especially the members of the Resistance who have gotten very wealthy by Resisting.

I’m talking about people like George Conway, who managed to parlay his bitterness over being rejected for a position in the Trump administration into a highly successful grifting operation known as The Lincoln Project (which he eventually left because people were starting to get concerned that The Lincoln Project was a safe harbor for sexual predators) and lots of appearances on CNN and MSNBC.

Conway needed Donald Trump back in 2015, and he needs Trump more than ever now:

Here’s his full tweet if you want to read it (or if you just need a good laugh):

At least George didn’t resort to calling Ron DeSantis TrumpHitler 2.0 like many of his Resistance colleagues, but still. This is really sad. He could’ve saved himself the character space by just tweeting to Ron DeSantis straight-up begging him not to run in 2024.

And the irony of George Conway talking about Ron DeSantis fleecing donors should not be lost on anyone. 

What an absolute bellend.

They’re not even trying to be clever about it. Just putting it all out there on the table for everyone to see.

And the worst part of all? George Conway would gladly throw everyone under the bus again for a second chance with Donald Trump:

It’s definitely not zero.



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