The Associated Press is out with a new story on the Lincoln Project and it’s simply devastating to the anti-Trump group.

First up, emails reviewed by the AP show that management knew about “at least 10 specific allegations of harassment against co-founder John Weaver:

This included two allegations FROM EMPLOYEES:

“They were covering their own a**es”:

And “not Steve Schmidt’s *carefully* worded statement” on it:

You think?

Oh, but there’s more!

The AP also looked into the group’s finances, finding that $50 million of the $90 million raised “has gone to firms controlled by the group’s leaders”:

And these payments “extended a lifeline to some founders who have spent much of the past decade under financial distress”:

Wait. Jeff Weaver owned a children’s boutique? From the AP:

Over the past decade, Weaver has repeatedly failed to pay taxes, defaulted on loans and faced lawsuits from creditors seeking to collect. In October, he paid off $313,000 in back taxes owed to the IRS dating back to 2011, records show. A separate case in Texas is still pending over $340,000 back rent his family owes after shuttering a children’s boutique they operated, records show.

“Hats off to these grifters – except for the part about lying to protect the pedo, of course”:

Even worse, the AP compared them to Donald Trump as they’ve hidden how much they’ve paid themselves:

And this does raise some serious questions on all those “puff pieces” on the group last summer because none of the stuff on their finances is new:

But “principles or something”: