The Biden administration unveiled its new PSA on slowing the spread of Covid-19 that digitally added masks onto different movie characters like Dr. Evil, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter and Pennywise the dancing clown:

At least they didn’t pay for the air time. From AdAge:

The PSA is running in donated media time across the country and is free for use by broadcast and digital news outlets. WarnerMedia is running the spot across its own TV and digital channels and platforms, including HBO, Turner, Rooster Teeth, Crunchy Roll, Bleacher Report, Xandr, and AT&T televisions, as well on its own social media channels.

Will this convince even one single person in America to actually wear a mask?

We doubt it:

And note that masks aren’t needed in many of these situations because the character is alone or is socially-distanced:

Great role models, team Biden:

And it’s “pointless virtue signaling”: