The World Health Organization gave an update on its investigation of the possible origin of Covid-19 this morning:

And, surprise! They’re dismissing the idea that it was a lab accident but instead say it “most likely spilled over to humans through an intermediate animal” or “through frozen food”:

They’re saying the chances it escaped from a lab are “extremely unlikely”:

And they’re shutting the door on the lab theory:

The frozen-food angle is important because China is arguing that Covid-19 could have originated somewhere else and that’s how it got to the market in Wuhan:

The WHO’s Peter Ben Embarek said Covid-19 could have been present in “other countries” before it was discovered in Wuhan:

It’s a “convoluted route” but this is a fricking gift to China:

Liang Wannian from China’s National Health Commission added cats to the list of animals that may be responsible:

He also suggested everyone missed Covid-19 in other locations before it was identified in Wuhan:

In summary, “we’ve officially moved the WHO into accepting the idea repeatedly put forward by China that it may not be the epicentre of COVID-19.”

Whitewashing in progress?


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