Donald McNeil and Andy Mills, two prominent New York Times journos, resigned on Friday over past allegations of bad behavior.

First up is Mills, a science reporter on the Covid beat, who resigned and apologized for using a racial slur — the n-word — on a trip to Peru with high school students in 2019 during a discussion on the suspension of one of the students’ classmates for using the n-word in a video she made when she was 12-years-old:

Wait, that’s it?

It sounds like “complete and total BS”:

And “this is a bad firing”:

Others think it was long overdue:

According to The Daily Beast, the 1619 Project’s Nikole Hanah-Jones got involved, too:

But The Daily Beast also reported that there was allegedly more than this one incident on the trip. “He made racist and sexist remarks throughout the trip”:

McNeil, formerly the paper of record’s top reporter on COVID-19, leaves amid fallout from an incident that occurred during a Times-sponsored educational trip to Peru when he used the “n-word” and made other racist comments, according to complaints first reported by The Daily Beast. At least six students or their parents claimed McNeil had made racist and sexist remarks throughout the trip.

Mills, the second journo who resigned, was the producer on the now-discredited Caliphate podcast.

He apologized for his past behavior as well, which included flirting, a back rub, and an incident where he poured a drink over a co-worker’s head:

Cancel-culture overreach?

But, there have been complaints against him in the past:

And other allegations have been flying around Twitter as well: