On Thursday, the FBI announced the arrest of Brian P. McCreary from Massachusetts for his role in the siege of the Capitol on January 6:

And that’s when this Twitter user discovered a rather odd photo in the FBI “Statement of Fact” on McCreary’s arrest. Check out the painting above the QAnon Shaman’s head:

Yes, yes it is a naked man. Via Scribd:

It’s actually called the “Wood Sitting On a Bed” meme and the man’s name in the photo is Wardy G. Joubert III. Joubert passed away in 2016 and was reportedly a “loving, church-going family man” who did the photo-shoot after he fell on hard times:

Newsweek fact-checked the now-viral and tweet and found it “true.” Apparently, the FBI got this version of the original AP photo from one of McCreary’s co-workers:

A framed image of a naked man hanging on a wall in the Capitol is in an FBI criminal complaint against alleged rioter Brian McCreary. The photo was provided by one of McCreary’s co-workers.

Just wow.


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