Earlier this year, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted these handy instructions on how to protest over on her Instagram feed, telling people that they should not bring their cell phones or, at the very least, have the devices switched to airplane mode because they’re easily trackable if left on.

“Don’t bring cell phone without first turning off Face/Touch ID, going on airplane mode, and disabling data,” she advised:

We bring this up now because the FBI is now reportedly interviewing people whose cellphones pinged off of towers that showed them in the vicinity of the Capitol on January 6:


From the article: “an agent [told] them investigators were tracking people whose cell phones connected to wi-fi or pinged cell phone towers”:

That’s going to be a lot of calls for the FBI to make, if true that is:

More from the article:

“Extremely creepy, because he explained that they have everyone’s phone number from pinging off the cell phone towers, and they know basically exactly where you were, within the vicinity of the Capitol,” Stevens said. “And they can actually pinpoint on Google Maps exactly where you were standing. Like, he knew where I was standing on the sidewalk, like specifically, based on my cell phone ping.”

It’s also clear that Facebook is fully cooperating with the FBI’s investigations:

This example shows how even a deleted account won’t protect the target of the investigation:

And, via the HuffPost, “[o]ne key factor that distinguishes a digital dragnet of the U.S. Capitol from a digital dragnet of typical protests is that there’s no First Amendment right to invade the U.S. Capitol”:

But it sounds like the FBI is already going beyond this, right?