Just to follow up on our post from Sunday, Rep. Cori Bush has now deleted her tweet saying these 13 convicted killers were in fact “murdered” by President Trump:

Sorry, Rep. Bush, but tweets. Are. Forever. And this one is going to follow her around for quite some time:

She also forgot to delete this one where she just commented on the execution of Dustin Higgins but made the same accusation of the president:

Here is whom she’s defending, via CNN:

In January 1996, Higgs and two friends drove to Washington, DC, to pick up Black, Jackson, and Chinn, whom Higgs had invited to his apartment in Laurel, Maryland, according to a Department of Justice statement. At the apartment, Jackson rebuffed an advance by Higgs and the women left. Higgs offered the women a ride back to DC, but instead drove to a secluded area in the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge, the statement added.

He ordered the women out of the vehicle, gave a gun to one of the friends, and said, “better make sure they’re dead.” The other man shot Black and Jackson in the chest and back, and shot Chinn in the back of the head, killing all three women, the statement said.

And here’s a screenshot for when/if she deletes this one:



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