As you’ve probably read, Republicans in both the House and Senate are planning to contest the results in certain states on January 6 when Congress meets to fully certify the 2020 election:

It’s actually pretty common for these challenges to be raised as Rep. Matt Gaetz notes here:

What’s different in this year, however, is that it won’t just be House members challenging the results but, if this holds true, Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville will join his Republican colleagues, and this sets intp motion a whole other chain of events:

But, again, let’s stop the hyperventilating, a what’s going to happen is this will trigger debate and a delay in the process as the only way for a slate of electors to be excluded would be if the Dem-led House votes them down and that’s not going to happen. And it doesn’t have a chance in the Senate as well, unless some new bombshell gets dropped between now and January 6:

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