There’s a new strain of Covid-19 that is allegedly more contagious than the other strains and it is causing utter chaos in the UK and Europe tonight:

With Christmas canceled in the UK because of it, European nations have begun to close their borders just in case:

Let’s just say it’s a bit chaotic:

There’s a new strain of Covid-19 that’s highly contagious and let’s see if we can get as many people as possible infected with it?

Canada has banned flight from the UK as well:

Tick-tock, America. Are we going to make this mistake again?

Gov. Cuomo is warning about the danger this new strain coming to America (chances have to be high that it’s here already since it was spreading in the UK since at least September):

And here’s a good thread from the NYT’s Apoorva Mandavilli — the same journo behind their report that busted PCR testing — on just “how scary is this new variant.”