Just to follow up on the story we’ve been telling you about, the news on the attack on U.S. government agencies, allegedly backed by Russia, is getting worse:

It’s being called one of “the greatest intelligence failures of modern times”:

Thomas Bossert, the former Homeland Security Adviser to President Trump, wrote in an op-ed for the NYT today that “magnitude of this ongoing attack is hard to overstate”:

And that “President Trump is on the verge of leaving behind a federal government, and perhaps a large number of major industries, compromised by the Russian government”:

According to Bossert, “The Russians have had access to a number of important networks for 6 to 9 months” and “The access they now enjoy could be used for far more than spying”:

The potential breadth of the attack is staggering:

It sounds like there’s no quick fix to it and Joe Biden will be dealing with it as soon as he takes office: