As Congress gets ready to (maybe) pass another round of Covid relief, Warren Buffett said that there will be more fraud associated with the PPP program and this is just what happens in “wartime”:

Yeah, well, maybe it’s time to put more investigators on the case because stealing from taxpayers in wartime isn’t something we should tolerate:

And maybe people aren’t aware of just how much fraud there is? Here are a few stories we found from just this week. . .

In Florida, this “ministry” was accused of bilking taxpayers for $8.4 million. Feds seized millions set aside to buy a home in Orlando and arrested the family in their car with bags filled with shredded documents and other evidence:

And a recent report from the Miami Herald found business owners “facing criminal charges or convicted of fraud or other financial crimes in the past 5 years” have received taxpayer funds:

This guy is accused of only taking $35,000, which compared to these others maybe we should just let him keep it?

This business is being accused of taking almost $7 million in fraudulent loans:

Here’s a non-existent farm in Maine that received $1.2 million:

A guilty plea in Virginia over $350,000:

Feds are accusing this pair of taking $1.7 million in funds:

Another guilty plea, this time in Arkansas over almost $2 million in fraud:

But it’s not just the fraud that’s a problem. Can we please figure out how Gov. Newsom was able to secure taxpayer money for his businesses while so many others in California were shut out?

Or how about looking into Georgia Dem. Rev. Warnock and ask how his voter registration group got the money?


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