As we told you earlier, the National Security Council is responding to a “significant cyber incident” where suspected Russian hackers infiltrated multiple U.S. agencies and private companies by taking advantage of a security vulnerability with SolarWinds’ Orion IT product:

SolarWinds sent this warning out to all users of the Orion software:

A screenshot flying around has linked Dominion Voting Systems to SolarWinds, but. . .

. . .Dominion reportedly uses a different product that was not hacked:

This thread explains what’s going on:

Dominion also released a statement saying the company has never used the Orion software:

Coincidentally, Dems plan to call Chris Krebs, the fired head of the Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at a hearing tomorrow in the Senate on election security. We’re pretty sure the SolarWinds hack might come up: