Twitchy favorite Nick Searcy is highlighting the plight of Tinhorn Flats, a restaurant in Burbank, Calif. that is staying open despite the county’s draconian lockdown owner.

A peaceful protest with beer? SIGN US UP:

It’s IS important to support a business that does open as a challenge to this lockdown:

Tinhorn Flats posted on Facebook that they’ve already fined $500 but they “will NOT comply with tyranny”:

Baret Lepejian, the owner, wrote this letter in response to the code enforcement officer who wanted to chat about why he was staying open:

I hope this email finds you well.

If this is about Tinhorn Flats opening, then I want to go on the record
here and say I will not adhere to illegal city/state mandates. I have a
Constitutional Right to NOT lose my businsss and to provide food for my
children. I will not close Tinhorn Flats. I will adhere to employee mask
mandates, as all my staff are masked. Protestors, guests and customers
are on our patio.

I have owned Tinhorn Flats since January of 2004 and have been a model
of a bar/ restaurant owner. The Burbank PD loves Tinhorn, simply because
they never have to respond to complaints. That being said, the governor
and mayer are criminals, in my opinion, and do not adhere to their own
lockdown rules and mandates. This is an obvious concerted effort to
completely destroy all small businesses. We will not comply with your
tyranny and I will make this a PR nightmare for the city of Burbank if
you heavy handedly bully us.

I vow to go down with my ship, if that is what it comes to.

Baret Lepejian

As we’ve been telling you, movie and TV productions are still able to serve catered food but the small businesses right next door to these shoots have been closed. It’s insane and not based on science:

If you’re in the Burbank area, please consider helping these fine folks out. They don’t want charity but gift cards are available:

The “peaceful protest site” is a nice touch, too: