Germany, long championed by the U.S. media as an example of how to handle Covid-19 correctly, is in the middle of an outbreak every bit as awful as what we’re experiencing right now in America:

And President Trump pointed this out over on Twitter this morning:

Journos, however, were quick to note that the number of deaths in the U.S. yesterday exceeded the number of deaths in Germany as if this were some sort of “gotcha!” moment:

The U.S. is about 4 times the size of Germany, so unless you’re pointing out that Germany is as bad as the U.S. is right now, you’re doing it wrong:

This is an even more meaningless way to present the information:

Why can’t they just say both numbers are bad?

It’s journos that are removed from reality:

To be fair, there is a way to compare the two countries if you’re looking to criticize the president, but most the responses to the president aren’t cutting it: