California lawmakers held a socially-distanced swearing-in ceremony in Sacramento last night. . .

. . .and then a bunch of them from different parts of California got together at a local restaurant to celebrate:

And a reporter from The Sacramento Bee was there to catch them violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the state’s Covid-19 regulations:

From the link above, who wants to tell them that masks don’t work if they’re in your pocket?

When asked by a Sacramento Bee reporter about their decision to enjoy a multi-household outing, Nazarian responded by asking “Can we not have dinner?”

Levine said they were “supporting a local business,” and pulled his mask from his pocket when asked whether the members had face coverings.

You see, it’s too dangerous to eat outside in much of the state but it’s totally safe in Sacramento:

Boerner Horvath quickly pulled her scarf up from around her neck to cover her nose and left the table. During a phone call, her chief of staff Rob Charles said the members were following Sacramento County’s COVID-19 requirements.

“They were dining outside, they were following the protocols, everyone tested negative for COVID-19,” he said, adding that Boerner Horvath flew into Sacramento on Sunday and was staying at a hotel with limited dining options.

And we believe the term for this type of behavior is “grandma killer”:

California’s rules for restaurants don’t specify the number of households allowed at an outdoor table. Yet state health officials this fall have repeatedly recommended that people from no more than three households meet for a meal, even on a holiday.

The state has also issued guidance urging Californians against non-essential travel outside of their own region, but lawmakers who gathered from across the state in Sacramento on Monday are considered essential workers.

The whole state is filled with hypocritical politicians!