Lindsey Boylan, in response to a tweet asking people to “name the worse job you’ve ever had,” called out working for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the “most toxic team environment” he fostered:

She said working as a waitress was “infinitely more respectful” than working for Gov. Cuomo:

And she says people are “deathly afraid of him” which is why you don’t hear more stories about his behavior:

She says she has texts and messages from people to back this up:

She went on to call out the people who still advise him and “do his dirty work”:

“That environment is beyond toxic,” she said:

And she’s worried about people who can’t just opt out of the job:

More stories then, please:

Janice Dean added, “this is one of the main reasons @NYGovCuomo will never be held accountable”:

Keep at it, everyone:

So, this is just an open secret?

Tick-tock, governor: