Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell gave a news conference Wednesday afternoon where they told Republicans in Georgia that Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue “have not earned your vote” and “don’t you give it to them” in the runoff election on January 4:

Watch here:

Wood and Powell’s accusation that Dominion Voting Systems machines switched voted from Trump to Biden was echoed by the president later in the day, although his main concern — no paper trail — just isn’t true:

Georgia-based Erick Erickson asked if it’s a coincidence that Wood and Powell told Georgians not to vote Republican in the upcoming runoff elections on the same day that a Democrat-backed group said the same thing:

Either way, Dems should be called out for this voter suppression:

Over to you Stacey Abrams:

As for Wood, CBS 46 reporter Ashley Thompson says he “has not voted in a Republican primary in 16 years”:

Republicans are going to lose in January, aren’t they?