We told you earlier tonight about how Nancy Pelosi was hypocritically hosting a dinner for new House members despite Dems canceling Thanksgiving around the nations, but we’ve actually found a politician who is even worse. . .

. . .Readers, get a load of this stunning hypocrisy from California Gov. Gavin Newsom who ignored his own guidelines to go to the birthday party of one of his political advisers:

Reminder: THIS is how you have to celebrate Thanksgiving in California if you’re not a member of the ruling class:

Gov. Newsom, after getting caught, says he “should have modeled better behavior”:

Oh, and the adviser lied about his plans on Twitter after dunking on Kim Kardashian’s private-island birthday party:

It’s good to see him getting called out:

He deserves all of the hate:

And, don’t forget, HIS kids are back in school, too:

Do you need to get angrier? French Laundry is one of the most expensive restaurants in the state:

A literal “let them eat cake” moment:

While we’re told not to see our relatives at Thanksgiving: