According to the official account for the Dem-run House Oversight Committee, alleged USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins “RECANTED HIS ALLEGATIONS” during an interview with USPS investigators on Tuesday:

And the Washington Post reported that Hopkins admitted “fabricating allegations of ballot tampering” to USPS investigators:

But not so fast!

Shortly after the article dropped, James O’Keefe posted a video of Hopkins telling viewers he did not recant and that the Washington Post needs to correct its article:

President Trump shared the video, calling Hopkins “a brave patriot”:

O’Keefe posted a second video accusing the USPS inspectors of coercing the new statement from Hopkins:

And now Rudy Giuliani wants to know who the interviewing agent is working for:

With all the back-and-forth on this, GoFundMe has pulled the fundraiser for Hopkins and is refunding donors their money:


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