MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted last night that the reason Nate Silver named his website FiveThirtyEight is because of the margin of victory in Florida during the 2000 election and not because there are a total of 538 votes in the electoral college:

At this point, we really do question why MSNBC has her on-air as an expert on the U.S. political system:

And she’s wrong about the official final count in Florida, too. It’s 537 votes:

Don’t give her any ideas:

Maybe she’ll blame hackers?

But trust the media, they say:

What’s also amazing about the tweet is that she’s calling out President Trump for using the exact same legal remedies available to Al Gore in 2000! Just let the process play out, Joy. It will be fine.

And maybe while we wait for a correction for this one, MSNBC will FINALLY look into her “hacked” blog posts?

Screenshot for posterity: