President Trump was in Omaha, Neb. last night for a MAGA rally — a state that splits its electoral vote — and attempting to win the one vote in the state’s 2nd congressional district:

The event was well attended, to say the least:

But after the rally, there was some sort of snafu with the buses that were supposed to take people back to their cars which has been a trending story all day on Twitter:

Some of the Trump supporters required medical attention in the freezing temperatures:

Things did finally get under control, of course:

But why has this been a story ALL DAY?

Note that some accounts dispute the severity of what went down:

There ARE more important things to write about with less than a week to go:

You know, like the looting in Philly or Hunter Biden trading on his family’s name with the possible involvement of the Joe Biden himself. Yet, Twitter trends the rally:

We’re not quite yet at Benghazi acrostic, but we’re pretty close:

Oh, and the other big story trending all day? That’s right. Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday party on a private island:

ICYMI, this is what that above tweet is referring to: