Former California Rep. Katie Hill, who resigned after allegations of a sexual relationship with a staffer became public, is happy to announce that she’s working with Elisabeth Moss as a producer on a new project based on her life:

So, will there be throuple scenes? Just curious. . .

But shortly after the announcement, “former staff” started posting to Hill’s official Congressional Twitter account to apparently confirm the abuse allegations:

Well, not “resurrected”:

She’s claiming the account was hacked — of course! — and that she’s reported it to Twitter:

The long thread is still up, but here are screenshots for when they inevitably get deleted.

Some highlights:

* Katie Hill’s story – our story – is also one of workplace abuse and harassment

* Kaite Hill can be both a victim and a predator. And, Staff, can experience severe consequences for speaking out against their powerful boss

* Katie Hill was never investigated by the House Ethics committee.

* It is never okay, even if your boss is a woman and a survivor.

* Enough is enough.

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Will this be in the movie?