There’s a heartbreaking article up at the New Yorker that chronicles the struggles of a young Baltimore boy and just how much remote learning has failed him and millions of others across the nation:

We flattened the curve and flattened their futures:

This article also calls out the New York Times over its interpretation of the bogus South Korea study that panicked parents and teachers:

From the article:

Previously, the debate about reopening had consisted of people offering examples of success and failure in a handful of countries: advocates cited France, Australia, and Sweden, among others; opponents cited Israel, where the hasty reopening of schools, along with a broader ending of lockdowns, had led to a resurgence of cases. But the South Korean findings seemed to be based on a much larger set of data.

Some researchers immediately found problems with the study’s conclusions, pointing out that the sample of children who had become sick was exceedingly small. Also, noted Alasdair Munro, a clinical-research fellow in pediatric infectious diseases at University Hospital Southampton, in the United Kingdom, it was not clear whether older children had passed the virus to adults or had got it at the same time and shown symptoms earlier.

“That study had methodological flaws that several of us pointed out,” Allen, the Harvard public-health professor, said. “But the headline took off.” Zeynep Tufekci, a sociologist who has become an influential voice on the pandemic response, tweeted, “I personally know parents who changed their whole next year because of the article. . . . The takeaway people got was 10-year-olds can transmit as much as adults.”

But Twitchy readers already knew this:

But the point here is that these schools are closed down right now and there’s no science to back that up:

And even libs are finally figuring this out:

Of note, THIS HAS BEEN CLEAR FROM THE BEGINNING and experts that Dr. Michael Osterholm said early on that there’s a good argument to be made to keep schools open:

But, instead, we just wrote off a year of school. It’s awful.