You know, this BS just isn’t funny. Remote learning is failing and not enough people are angry about it:

Or is this OK?

Get ready for more stories like this:

In NYC, the largest district in the country, we told you yesterday how Mayor de Blasio just changed things up at the last minute:

And his changes are even worse for NYC’s most in need:

Kids can’t even log into to the platforms and are spending classroom time dealing with tech issues:

And many just don’t show up. Here are the stats in Baltimore:

NONE of this is OK:

Parents who can afford to are taking action on their own:

But not everyone can do this:

And they’re just messing with parents telling them for an extra fee coming to school can be safe:

Read this. A kindergarten student, home alone:

But what did they think would happen? Many parents don’t have the luxury of sitting home all day:

Schools need to be open and open now: