Kids and parents in NYC are supposed to log on this morning for online orientation but a last-minute change — and we do mean last-minute — has thrown a giant proverbial wrench into Mayor de Blasio’s plans.

In summary, it’s chaos:

NY Post columnist and Twitchy regular Karol Marckowicz has her kids in the NYC public school system. Imagine waking up to this crap this morning?

More from NY1 reporter Jillian Jorgensen who broke the news last night:

In some high schools, it’s even dumber where somehow they’ve combined in-person school with remote learning:

Mayor de Blasio does not believe there’s a lot of confusion, however:

We ask this with all seriousness: Is the mayor high?

From a teacher:

Mayor de Blasio is so, so bad at this:

From another teacher:

You mean to tell us that after months of talking about how dangerous coronavirus is that you can just crack a window and everything’s good?