Time’s up, Jim Cramer? Maybe so.

Libs are furious at him calling Nancy Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” to her face on live TV earlier today:

Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeted that Cramer “would never say this to a man”:

And Howard Dean says “this is the end of Jim Cramer as a serious finance commentator”:

Cramer, however, is firing back and doubling-down on his claim during the interview that what he was *really* doing was criticizing President Trump for calling her “Crazy Nancy”:

It disgusts him so much and that’s why he’s tweeting it out again and again and again?

He wants a pass:

If “context is everything,” why did Cramer repeatedly apologize?

And it’s weird how he didn’t point out all the nasty things Pelosi has said about the president:

Pelosi and Trump are like that Spider-Man meme where the two of them are pointing at each other, but Cramer doesn’t point that out:

And if you’re apologizing so many times, maybe stop digging and getting mad at everyone calling you out?